Sunday, January 24, 2010

Progress, or lack thereof...

Well, here's the progress (or lack thereof) so far on my running goal:

Friday--Had a sinus headache, came home and lay down for a while. Woke up headache free but just in time to go help my niece with some cleaning of her new house before she moved.

Saturday--Lazy as heck. Did nothing, and I mean nothing, all day except drive to get gas in the car. Uggh. I did resist the temptation to grab a burger on the way home. Yay me.

Sunday--Still pretty lazy. Most of the day consisted of church, grocery store, facebook, and football. I do realize, however, that I will not make any progress on my goal if I never start, so at about 10:20, I got my lazy butt downstairs to set up the treadmill. Yep, set up the treadmill. We've been in the house for over a year, and it hasn't even been plugged in. So, I moved it across the basement, plugged it in, wiped about 2 years of dust off of it, and gingerly started it up. Then I let it proceed to kick my butt for about 45 minutes.

Luckily, everything seems to work just fine on the treadmill except one little annoying part of one digit on the display. So when I burn 100 calories, half the 1 doesn't show. Likewise, luckily, everything on me seems to work okay as well, all except those lungs. So when I burn 100 calories, I'm coughing as my lungs beg for an inhaler (which, of course, I don't think to take with me downstairs).

All in all I think I did pretty well. My sensible plan was to just walk for a week or so and slowly get into jogging. The idiotic reality was that I walked for a quarter mile or so and decided to see how far I could jog right away. I'm pleased that I didn't have a heart attack (yet), and I was able to jog a couple minutes at a time. If I can stick with it, say 3-4 times a week, I have no doubt I'll be jogging a 5K by September.

Okay, now, off to take some preemptive ibuprofen and go to bed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Losing Weight....

...that's what's on my mind. I've been trying to get remotivated in the last few months, ever since the state decided that overweight people need to be punished and pay more for their health insurance. I'm pretty heavy for my frame, so in order to meet their requirements, I need to lose about 80 lbs. Now, in the past, before the kids, I had gotten motivated with exercise and decent eating habits and lost about 70+ lbs. That was before going to work at Caldwell. That place is bad for the waistline.

Anyway, 80 lbs. Sheesh. I basically have gained back everything I lost before, plus a couple pounds. Back then, I was a part time instructor, teaching morning and nights, but I had the luxury of several hours free during the day. Hours free with no kids. I would walk at L-R, the Y, around school, even at home. During a three year period, me and the hubby wore out a ski machine and a treadmill...completely wore them out. Then we bought a house...I got a full time job...we had a baby...etc. Excuses, I know.

Honestly, though, I was burnt out on exercising. I had been jogging something like 3-5 miles a day, 4-5 days a week, for about three years, yet I never got to my goal. My runner friends all said I needed to step it up some to burn more calories, but I just didn't see how. I don't want to say I've lost all hope now, but if I was doing so well back then and never got to my goal, I'm not sure how to go about it now.

I do know, however, that I need to do something, not only because of the insurance, but because the hubby has gained back all the weight he lost, and we have one "above average" child and one downright chubby child. I have been trying to focus on veggies more and walking some, more eating at home and less eating out. I've been thinking for more than a year now that I would try the 10,000 steps a day plan, but I'll get there like two days out of a week and then back to my normal of 3500 steps a day. I also need to get back to the treadmill, the replacement one we bought a few years back and haven't used nearly enough. The one downstairs, in the basement, so sad and all alone.

Hubs just turned 40 yesterday; I'll get there later this year, and I'm already taking it badly. I need to set a goal to reach by the time I'm 40. I have several months. What should it be? I could set a weight loss goal, but I've never been good with that. Better I think to set an exercise goal and let the weight loss happen on its own. A 5K? I used to do those often. I never got to my goal pace either, but I did do them, and I could jog the whole thing. I know a lot of skinny people that can't run 3.1 miles. Maybe that's it...doing a 5K again. The Race for the Cure is in October, but that's after the birthday. That's what I'm going to do, I think. Look for a fall race and enter. I've got several months to plan and train to get back into shape enough to run a 5K. That would be great too because I try to encourage my daughter to run, but she doesn't think moms can run. Ha!

Okay, there it is...that's my goal. I'm posting it on the Internet for everyone (although only like 2 people ever read this) to see. A 5K by September. Definitely!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Facebook Addiction

I think Facebook has led to the demise of my blogging career which (let's face it) has never really gotten off the ground. I post status updates on FB frequently, but I never get around to the more in-depth blogging that I want to do on this site. But I still like the idea of blogging; it just seems a luxury in a life without a lot of spare time.

I'm teaching American Lit again online this semester, and I have those students blog about the works they read, so here I am at the beginning of another semester updating my blog. I'm more inclined to update the blog when I'm teaching this class because I'm already logging into blogger a couple days a week. We'll see how long it lasts this time.