Saturday, April 19, 2008

Biltmore in the Springtime

Okay, so I haven't really gotten to that grading yet. I posted another house update on my house blog, and then I thought that I wanted to come back here and post about Biltmore. See how that procrastination is in full swing?

Anyway, when we went to Biltmore Estate a couple weeks back, we upgraded our passes, and I really, really, really want to see the tulips blooming in the gardens. We also spent way too much time in the house last time being herded through like cattle and not nearly enough time on the grounds and the winery. We never got down to the lake or to the farm last time.

So, I talked Philip into going again tomorrow. This time we're skipping the house and starting with the gardens. I want to see the tulips and maybe walk down to the lake this time. I also want to get to the winery in time to let the kids do the grape stomp at 2:00 and see the culinary demonstration at 3:00. We'll pack a picnic again and eat our PB&Js on the grounds somewhere. That was fun last time (and saved us a ton of money). Now if I can only keep from spending $50 in the wine shop again.....

Too Much To Do

I always feel this way near semester's end...too much to do and too little time. How will I ever get all these papers graded? Why did I assign so much? Why do I insist upon giving essay tests?

However, in addition to my normal end of semester crunch, Braxton is now playing baseball, which occupies about 2-3 evenings a week; we are building a house; and we should be trying to pack up everything we own so this house is more presentable to sell. In addition to that, I need to have a yard sale to get rid of mucho crap, and I need to be interviewing real estate agents because our house should already be on the market. OMG!!!

As usual, when I get into this shape, what do I do??? I procrastinate. I find any and everything possible to avoid grading, cleaning, packing, etc. So I have spent much of today online but not grading. Heck, I've even washed dishes three times today to avoid grading. And now I'm finding that blogging is another really good procrastination tool.

Okay, I'm done now. I'm really going to get off here and grade something. I just wanted to post an update since I haven't in over a week. Oh yeah, and Mac seems to be doing well after this last surgery; he had the last pain pill the other day and his last antibiotic today. He's supposed to get his stitches out Monday or Tuesday....I'm thinking about taking the cone off his head tonight or tomorrow. I'm sure he's healed enough. He's better enough to get into some kind of trouble outside the other day and get his back scratched up. WTH?

Okay, now I'm really done. Seriously this time. I'm going to grade. For real. Here I go...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mackie Doodle

Mac is doing pretty well after his surgery. We brought him home on Friday, and I could tell he felt miserable. I also think the time in solitary confinement at the vet's just kills him. He had somehow bruised his eye so that the white part is all bloodied, and he has a scab on his nose as well. And I'm guessing all that is from the cage he was in? Who knows? The vet seems to think he bruised his eye while waking up from the anesthesia, but it is getting better.

He looks so pitiful with his e-collar on, but I don't want him scratching or licking his stitches. He's also getting better about walking around with it. He doesn't run into as many things this time around. But it sure hurts when he runs into me!

We still have him on the special food, and he now has a supplement to take to help his body flush out the calcium. Medicine time is fun with the supplement, eye drops, antibiotic, and pain I'm also changing him over to bottled water in case our mineral-rich well water has something to do with the problem. It makes sense that it would, and bottled water is cheaper and easier on him than these repeated surgeries! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Various thought and ramblings

I decided while writing my house blog that I really wanted a place to vent---er, comment about all types of other things going on in my life, besides just the construction. So here it is. This is a scary thought, the inner workings of my mind unleashed on the world. Can you handle it?