Thursday, May 8, 2008

Biltmore was lovely, and life has been a blur ever since...

Wow, sorry for the delay in posting, but after the fun day at Biltmore, I haven't stopped moving since. It's been ball games/practices, dance, doctors and dentist appointments every day. Add to that an incredible stack of grading and meeting with endless real estate agents, and you can only imagine the insanity!

The house is coming along well, finally. The framing has begun. Check out the progress on my house blog (see the links). But because of that, we have kicked the packing and repairing into full swing. I'm a little disappointed at what all of the real estate agents have had to say so far about the value of our house. Don't get me wrong; we will make money, but so far they all have pretty much valued the house below tax value. Can you say housing slump? I heard somewhere the other day that values have doubled in the last 10 years....well, we've had our house for 10 years, and we're only looking at about a 35-36% increase.

Oh well, the excitement of building the new house will probably mitigate most of the disappointment. I am kicking myself for not adding that second bathroom way back when. Whoever buys my house will be getting one hell of a deal if you ask me. It's in a nice, quiet neighborhood with plenty of trees, over an acre of land, well landscaped, with two porches and a deck overlooking an inground pool. There's also a finished den downstairs with gas logs, plumbing for the second bathroom, two paved driveways, a detached two-car garage and separate shed. And many of the fixtures, etc., have been updated. The roof is not too old, and the heat pump, well pump, etc., are all relatively new. All that for under $130K? I'm sure I'll love the new house, but looking at that list reminds me that there's a lot here to miss.