Monday, June 2, 2008

Letter from the President!

Okay, so several months back, Anna decided she wanted to write to the President and tell him how much she liked him. Seeing as how this is the President I love to hate, I had a hard time with that, but like any good Mommy, I encouraged her anyway. So she drew President Bush a couple really nice pictures and sent him a note telling him how difficult it must be to be President with all the hard decisions he had to make and, by the way, when would there be a woman president. (You go, girl! She's my baby!)

So since then, I've had to often explain to her just how much mail the President gets and how he probably will answer her letter, but it might take a good while. So, finally, Saturday, the wait was over. We go check the mail to find a nice little package from the White House. Anna was sooooooo excited. She read her letter grinning from ear to ear. And while her letter didn't tackle the woman president question, it did reference making tough decisions, so it actually seems to be a good fit for what is most likely a form letter.

But here's the kicker: with the letter came a lovely 8x10 of President Bush and a nice 8x10 of the White House dog, Barney. Anna wants to frame them all. Now I can handle framing the letter and the photo of Barney, but a framed photo of President Bush cannot reside upon my walls. I'll have to figure a way out of this. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of finding a tri-fold frame where I can just fold Bush shut when I don't want to see him. LOL! But isn't Barney just adorable?

I know, I know, that's really mean. I'm sure I'll let her frame him if that's what she wants. Again, I let her write to him after all. I just can't wait till we have President Obama or President Clinton (although a woman president is looking more and more unlikely) so we can write again and get a better letter! Ha!

Too Busy

Well, obviously, I've been too busy lately to post much here. I have barely managed to keep the house blog up to date. Remember the days of posting a new pic of nothing every day? Well, that's over, partly because gas costs $4 a gallon and partly because every waking moment and some sleeping ones are spent getting this house in shape to sell. And of course, we're pushing that to the last possible moment. I might be in real trouble if it doesn't sell quickly.

Anyway, since that last pic was posted, Philip shaved off all his hair, and we have not had any sort of family time since. The kids have gotten to go swimming a lot lately, only cause we're terribly busy pressure washing and painting the pool fence. They have been really good with little attention from us. I feel bad to keep harping on them for things, but it's only for a limited time, right?

Anyway, we've still got a long list of house projects to accomplish, but only about a week left to do them. This house will go on the market within two weeks either all gussey'd up or as is....I don't care at this point. I know one thing for sure: when July 8 rolls around (hopefully when we're headed to the beach), we will be more than ready for a vacation.

This week is hell week too, difficult for finishing those two hundred house projects still left to do. I painted around hair appointments today. Tuesday we have a ball game AND the Girl Scout end of year picnic (at the same time, of course). Wednesday I guess I'm painting all evening. Thursday is B's preschool graduation. And Friday we have a wedding to attend. Whew! Then Philip works late on Saturday, so it's another day of painting or yard work by myself with the kiddos.

Well, didn't mean to whine here. I'll try to avoid that in the future. I meant to talk about Anna's letter from the President, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.