Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not a stellar week...

It hasn't been a great week for me in terms of exercise (well, actually two weeks). Last week was full of long meetings and even worse headaches. This week all my extra time has been consumed with mom being in the hospital, checking on her stuff, visiting her while shuffling kids around, etc. Needless to say, the treadmill time is the first thing to go when things get crazy.

Before that I had done a pretty regular 2 weeks of jogging/walking every other day for at least 2.5 miles. I was determined to be a good girl this week, but honestly, when I don't get home at night until after 9:00, all I want to do is just sit down....or go to bed.

Anyhow, my goal tonight is to get my ENG 232 blogs graded. I also want to work on the garage some this weekend, but I'll find some treadmill time somehow. Definitely Saturday if not Friday.

The good news is that I stepped on the scale this morning and had lost 5 lbs. I had weighed last week after the two weeks of exercise and lost nothing. So maybe today was a fluke. I have certainly been going out to eat less, and I've been consciously trying to avoid chips and cheese covered dishes (my absolute fave!). Maybe that has done some little bit of good. Wish me luck that it's really gone and not just a fluke from being dehydrated. ;-)

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