Wednesday, July 23, 2008

House selling update

We're still charging full steam ahead as if everything is on track to close on the sale of the house next Wednesday. I think we're still waiting for the full results of the water tests, but we should have that in a day or so.

We have, thankfully, found a place to live in the interim. So as you can imagine, I'm living in a sea of boxes. I've packed so much already, but I still feel as if there is just too much more to do. I also am pretty sure we don't have enough moving help, but we will certainly have truck power. We will have three pickups and one trailer, along with a moving truck. Goodness knows that should help. Wish us luck! Will post again as soon as I have some free time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Buying/Selling Game

I've always hated buying a car. Just the whole process of game playing makes me feel dirty. Well, apparently buying/selling a house is about as nasty, just much more protracted. In selling our house we've tried to price it appropriately, knowing that it needs some little things done here and there. And we've been as honest as possible about the issues and what we will or won't fix. And I think our agent has done the same and been pretty straightforward. However, the buyers' agent apparently likes the game playing. Every little thing is potentially a "deal breaker" as she tries to bluff us into stuff. And she's not on the top of her game, apparently, as evidenced by the number of calls we have gotten needing to check this, or inspect that, or get one more thing for their lender. We're way past the deadline now for repair requests, but we're still having inspections and water tests done.

I guess she's finding, though, that with no place to live lined up yet, we're ready to call her bluff. If they walk away now, they stand to lose well over $1000 in inspections and appraisals, and we won't have to hurry and find a place to live. A "deal breaker" might be welcome right now.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Soon to be homeless???

I've been too busy to post much lately because we sold the house as soon as it went on the market. Then we were in stand-still mode while we waited for the buyers to get the appraisal and inspections done. Now it looks like we're in the home stretch to be out by July 30....only the new house won't be ready for another 4-8 weeks. So now what do I do?

I've tried asking about extended stay rates at local hotels, but they are outrageous--more than my soon to be new mortgage payment! And I've only found one place that will rent to me for less than 7-9 months. So that may be what we have to do. We don't really have family we can barge in on for over a month. I jokingly say I should rent or buy an rv, but that might not be a bad option right now. If it weren't for the constant storms we've been having lately, that might work out well. LOL

If anyone knows of an empty house needing an occupant for 4-8 weeks, let me know.